Medical Technlogical technology

Technological innovations and their application in medicine rehabilitation

Microprocessor knee, an instrument for healing severe bedsores and other new inventions as presented at the Israeli Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitative medicine produces long process for Rehabilitation as it assesses, diagnoses, treats and monitors rehabilitated over time. The rehabilitation process is long and expensive process that combines human individual approach, multi-disciplinary knowledge, skills of a multidisciplinary team and the use of advanced technologies. Technological advances requires collaboration between clinicians, engineers, and health professionals. The latest
achievement of this technology is the ability to cure hemorrhoids in a few days (In takes 3-4 weeks without it).

Recently held 58th annual conference of the Israeli Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and in which there were several workshops on various topics including Schot through our technological issue.

Rehabilitation of the visually impaired

The writer does not deal with the rehabilitation of the blind, though occasionally brain-damaged patients with cortical blindness, or neurological diseases (such as multiple sclerosis) patients with their point of view. Rehabilitation of people with blindness or severe visual impairments requires various auxiliary devices, devices that increase greatly written material or pictures suffer from vision, effective communication aids and a host of electronic aids in improving performance. There are of course opposed to the rehabilitation of the blind from birth and those who lost their sight later. In any case, rehabilitation programs include an educational system, teaching reading and writing special, adapted sports and the like.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

VR (virtual reality) gaining an important place in the true reality of Rehabilitation. This diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people with disabilities (especially brain damage) by designing a virtual reality. These areas, plains treatment are varied: walking-esteem, perception, abstraction capacity enhancement and more.

Preparation crippled for life includes, of course, learning walk again. These are people affected by the loco-motor system: paralyzed due to brain injuries or spinal cord, amputees, people with Bmfrkihm, people who have had an accident with fractures and more. Industry in the area available to the disabled person brings a large number of developments and enhancements in wheelchairs, walking aids and dentures. Training with them walking aids can be made normal walking, the Treadmill, walking path with a rack (when the disabled person depends on his shoulders facility but his legs carrying him forward) and more.

Microprocessor knee – conference delivered by a team of orthopedic rehabilitation department at Tel Hashomer, the use of a computerized knee, LEG-c, the oldest German factory made OttoBock. Knee for disabled their leg amputated through the hip and independent functioning well enough. So far, most of the knees were based on mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic. The first Paralympic Given this state of the art prosthetic reported improved daily function. This blessed delivered more efficiently artificial knees from other (Figure 1).